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1 in 8 tyres checked by WheelRight found to be under-inflated

wheelright test systemBegbroke Science Park tenant WheelRight Ltd has announced that more than 1 in 8 tyres (12%) from a sample of 500 cars tested in November were found to be significantly under-inflated. With one in eight of the tyres tested under inflated by more than 20%, WheelRight’s testing reveals that drivers are incurring needless costs and endangering safety.

Launched at industry event Seeing is Believing, an event organised by Highways Magazine and sponsored by the Highways Agency, WheelRight’s new mobile automatic monitoring device took over 2000 tyre pressure readings.

Within seconds of driving over WheelRight’s monitoring unit, accurate vehicle tyre pressure readings were sent to registered users’ mobile phones.

wheelright-jc-tight-cropWheelRight Chief Executive John Catling is recommending that fleet operators move to daily tyre checks, to improve safety and cut costs. He said: “Fleet managers have only been able to check their tyre pressures every month so far – but now we’re offering daily tyre pressure checks – essential to running fleets safely and cost effectively.”

To book a demonstration of WheelRight’s tyre pressure monitoring system, please contact For more information, visit

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Joanna Grant