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3D liver model expert Zyoxel Ltd to become CN Bio Innovations Ltd


Leading provider of next generation in vitro systems for drug discovery and primary liver research to rebrand

Oxford, UK. 10 February 2014: Zyoxel, an expert in advanced in vitro 3D liver models for drug discovery and drug testing, has today announced it is changing its name to CN Bio Innovations Ltd (CNBIO). The move is part of a strategic rebrand designed to closer align the organisation with its Hong Kong-based holding company, CN Innovations Holdings Limited (CNI).

“Since our founding in 2009, we have enjoyed a productive relationship with CNI, benefiting from their extensive and diverse business experience under the leadership of Company Director and CNI Managing Director, Mr Charles Chong” said Maureen Coleman, Chairman of CNBIO. “The name change ensures that we are more effectively aligned with the brand of our holding company and clarifies our status as an integral part of the CNI family. It also reflects the increasing confidence and commitment of our principal shareholder, and signifies the start of an exciting new phase in CNBIO’s development.”

“Apart from our name change, it is business as usual and our ADME/Tox customers will continue to experience the same great products and service delivered by the same dedicated team,” said Dr Emma Sceats, CNBIO’s Chief Operating Officer.

As part of the rebrand, Zyoxel will change its corporate website from to CNBIO will continue to promote and support LiverChip products and services for customers in the drug metabolism and toxicology fields. Following today’s announcement, all of the company’s drug metabolism and hepatotoxicity testing products and services will be marketed under the “LiverChip™” brand via a new website,

About CN Innovations (CNI)

CNI traces its roots to 1935, when the Chung Nam Company was founded by the late Mr and Mrs Chong Ching Um in Hong Kong. Today, the CNI Group is a multi-national organisation, headquartered in Hong Kong and Southern China, with expertise spanning materials science, precision engineering and aesthetics technologies. CNI Group was evolved from the metal department of Chung Nam Watch Company Limited which has been a producer of watch components for leading European and Japanese brands since the 1950s. CNI excel by applying disruptive technological applications from the semi-conductor industry to enhance aesthetics and function across a number of industries including watch making, computing, communications and consumer electronics. Investments into thin film and metal injection moulding technologies put the organisation onto its present path. CNI Company’s principal shared corporate values of mutual respect for the individual, integrity and eliminating wastage are upheld as core to the organisation’s business ethics and requirements. In keeping with these core values, the CNI Group is broadening its horizons through investments in novel materials technologies, including nano-polymer batteries, and bio-engineering through its investment CN Bio Innovations.

About CN Bio Innovations (CNBIO)

CNBIO, formerly Zyoxel Ltd, provides human biomimetic platforms for the testing and development of therapeutics for serious human diseases. Since 2009 CNBIO has deployed its proprietary organ-on-a-chip platforms in partnership with pharmaceutical companies to achieve the faster and more cost effective discovery of drugs. Working closely with academic pioneers in the bio-engineering field, CNBIO is developing next generation tissue and disease models which will improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world by fast tracking breakthrough therapies to market. For more information please visit

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