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Accessing Finance Through the London Stock Exchange

On the 2nd May 2012, Begbroke Science Park was pleased to welcome Mark Russon from the The London Stock Exchange to present a breakfast seminar titled ‘Accessing Finance via the London Stock Exchange seminar’.

The seminar gave a professional insight into Initial Public Offer and the process of accessing funds through The Stock Exchange, specifically the Main Market and the AIM for small start-up businesses. AIM is the market focused on growth for small companies. Highlighting that AIM is an international market operating in 95 countries and 10 sector areas, Mark Russon described the structure of the AIM market in detail. He outlined the benefits that a listing in AIM can bring to small technology based companies, an industry well represented in the market.

The regulatory criteria for listing in AIM helps provide flexibility for a company, still being able to move to the Main Market when appropriate. With no minimum size requirements and no minimum financial history required, AIM’ reputation of being the ‘world’s most successful growth market’ and providing the right opportunities seemed very fitting at Begbroke Science Park.

The CFO of site tenants Zyoxel Ltd, said that the breakfast seminar was ‘an excellent and very practical presentation with lots of relevant information and some great input from the other participants.’ She went on to say ‘it turns out a lot of what I knew about AIM was out of date and inaccurate and I came away determined to get better informed.’

Dr Caroline Livingstone, Manager of Begbroke Science Park, says “seminars on topics like this are important to help keep small companies up to date, and are crucial to the ethos of the science park. With investment increasingly hard to come by, helpful information is always welcome.”

If you missed today’s event, download Mark’s slides here. Our next Breakfast Seminar, led by Brian Wright IT Manager, Begbroke Science Park will guide delegates through the pitfalls and opportunities associated with IT security. ‘IT- Protecting Your Information’, Takes place at 8.15am on 4th July at Begbroke Science Park.

To book your place at this event please contact If you would like to stay up-to-date with future events happening at Begbroke Science Park follow us on twitter @BegbrokeScience.

Ben Roeves