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APEM Increases Their Fleet by One

Begbroke Science Park tenants, APEM have increased their fleet of survey aircraft from 3 to 4. The aircraft are used by the environmental consultancy to satisfy its growing demand for aerial photography services.

APEM has invested £612,000 to buy a new Vulcanair P68C, a six seater, twin-engine aircraft that has a top speed of 300km per hour and a maximum range of almost 3,000km.

APEM expects the data gathered by the plane will contribute to the future generation of renewable energy. Dr Keith Hendry, managing director of APEM, explains: “APEM is expanding into new and exciting industry sectors. Our new aircraft will bolster our operation, which relies on some of the most advanced photographic technology in the world.”

“Remote sensing has considerable benefits over more traditional forms of ground or boat-based surveys, being a more accurate and cost effective option.”

Ben Roeves