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APEM links with Xylem for hydrometrics

apem logoAPEM has extended its services in hydrometrics after teaming up with Xylem Analytics, the leading manufacturer of hydrometric instruments.

The agreement allows APEM to build on its existing expertise with new and enhanced services. With access to industry leading instruments from Xylem, APEM’s field teams will gather high quality data for use and analysis by the company’s consultants or for use directly by clients.

APEM director, Dr Adrian Williams, said: “Linking up with Xylem is great news for us, allowing us to extend our expertise in hydrometrics and offer our clients a true one-stop-shop for aquatic science. With large and experienced field teams, a network of respected laboratories and a team of leading consultants, we’re now able to offer water quality, bathymetry, biology, hydrometry and even aerial surveys all under one roof.”

APEM is Europe’s leading independent environmental consultancy,specialising in freshwater and marine ecology and aerial surveys. Headquartered in Manchester, they have ten offices throughout the UK, as well as links in Germany and the United States. Their Oxford office is located at Begbroke Science Park.

Visit the APEM website for the full report.


Joanna Grant