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Begbroke Science Park (BSP) supports Post 16 Teachers with the delivery of Nanoscience in the GCE and BTEC Curricula

Practical Nanoscience Workshop

Yesterday (Thursday 6 March) saw BSP hold a Practical Nanoscience Workshop, training teachers in nanoscience and giving them all the information and resources they need to teach nanoscience in the GCE and BTEC curricula.

The event, supported by Ltd and the Education and Training Foundation, offers post-16 teachers the opportunity to keep up-to-date with cutting edge nanoscience and gain both the knowledge and practical skills they need going back into the classroom.

The day began with an introductory lecture on nanoscience and nanotechnology. The teachers then had their chance to make solar cells, gold and silver nanoparticles and investigate carbon nanotubes and buckyballs, in a series of hands-on experiments spanning the rest of the day.

Breaking up the experimental sessions were tours of BSP’s nanotechnology labs, revealing some of the leading nanoscience research taking place on site. This also offered the teachers an insight into the range of careers available in emerging technologies, which will allow them to guide their pupils as they explore future career paths.

The teachers left with all the enthusiasm and knowledge to be able to repeat the experiments back in the classroom. Rebecca Daw, Lead Chemistry Teacher at University Academy Holebeach, observed that it was an ‘absolutely fantastic day, the activities have been very hands-on and can easily be taken into schools and (repeated) with a variety of ages’.

Dr Christiane Norenberg, Nanotechnology Programme Manager at BSP, commented, ‘we’re now entering the second year of our teacher-focused nanoscience events, so receiving the backing of Ltd and the Education and Training Foundation was welcome confirmation that our workshops are hitting the mark. Seeing the teachers all leave full of enthusiasm was great and I can’t wait to run the rest of the 2014 school events.’

BSP is running a similar event on 16 July, with a focus on nanoscience in the GCSE, GCE and BTEC curricula, for further information or to book your place email today.


Ben Roeves