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Begbroke Science Park tenant wins RSC Young Industrialist of the Year Award

Dr. Jon-Paul Griffiths, co-founder of Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group PLC at Begbroke Science Park, has won 2010’s Young Industrialist of the Year Award. This annual award was established by the Royal Society of Chemists (RSC) in 2008 and is awarded to individuals for significant contributions to industry early in their careers. Dr. Griffiths’ research into applications of carbene chemistry (which lead him to co- found Oxford Advanced Surfaces) secured the £2000 prize. The RSC is ‘the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences’, making this achievement an impressive testimonial for Dr. Griffiths and a great way to boost Oxford Advanced Surfaces’ profile.

Oxford Advanced Surfaces is a spin out company from Oxford University’s Department of Chemistry which aims to transform materials to improve the performance of existing products as well as creating new applications. Their newest product is an innovative anti-reflective coating that can be applied to surfaces such as eyeglasses, mobile phones and computer screens to reduce glare.

A graduate of Nottingham Trent University, Dr. Griffiths gained his PhD in the Synthesis of Novel Electrical Conducting Organic Materials. He then joined the University of Oxford’s Department of Chemistry as a Post Doctoral Research Associate where he developed fundamental chemistry behind using carbene intermediates for surface modification; this work then progressed into more industrially focused areas such as adhesion promotion and disinfection. It is here he met Dr. Mark Moloney with whom he co-founded Oxford Advanced Surfaces in September 2006.

Ben Roeves