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Begbroke Science Park’s Nanoscience skills training rated as “excellent and very professional” by teachers attending.



Participants in the July 2016 Practical Nanoscience for Teachers workshop offered by Begbroke Science Park had high praise for the event saying it was a “very useful course with lots of practical information and excellent resources. Very well organized.”

Science teachers from across the UK attended the event, which provided both information and take-away resources to teach nanoscience in the GCSE, GCE and BTEC curricula.

Beginning with an introductory lecture on nanoscience and nanotechnology the course broke out into practical activities, including investigating carbon nanotubes and buckyballs, making solar cells and synthesising gold and silver nanoparticles. The experiments can all be easily repeated back in the classroom.

A tour of BSP’s nanotechnology labs revealed some of the leading research taking place on-site. Members of Professor Nicole Grobert’s Nanomaterials by Design and Professor Andrew Watt’s Solar Energy Materials Initiative research groups gave insights into the real-life applications being developed using nanotechnology.

Dr Christiane Norenberg, Nanotechnology Programme Manager at Begbroke Science Park, who was leading the Practical Nanoscience workshop, also spoke about career paths available in emerging technologies and emphasised the importance of inspiring future generations to continue studying science post -16. Dr Norenberg reinforced the fact that the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of research activity means pupils need not worry about specializing in a single science at an early stage.

The event was hugely successful, with Margaret Fotheringham a Science teacher from Northfleet School for Girls in Kent, stating that “the day has excited and re-energised me, many thanks.” Sue Jones, Head of Science at Wycombe Abbey School commented that the course had “lots of useable ideas at an appropriate level which can be carried out within the timeframe of a lesson. Excellent examples which link the different science subjects and demonstrate practical uses of theory.”

To meet the demand for resources to teach nanoscience in the classroom, BSP is offering another Practical Nanoscience for Teachers Workshop on 12 July 2017. If you would like to register for the July event, please get in touch at or book your place via our website. View our full outreach programme for schools here.


Joanna Grant