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Begbroke’s Bowler Bowls Them Over!

A robotic car being developed by scientists from the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University’s Begbroke Science Park hit the headlines last week when it appeared in features on both ITV’s national news programme and on BBC Oxford.

The modified Wildcat, that can “see” the world around it, interprets data from technology such as cameras, radar and lasers in order to drive it. The project leader, Professor Paul Newman is “thoroughly delighted with the exposure the work of the team here at Begbroke has been given.” In the future Professor Newman is convinced that his work will have an enormous impact on motoring ‘Our long-term aim is to enable a new generation of robotic vehicles that can make the roads safer, less congested, cleaner, and personal transport more accessible. We do this by making smarter cars.’

The Oxford project has been given £1.4m by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council and is a collaboration between the University, BAE Systems and Nissan.

The news coverage rounded off a great month for the Robotics team leader, who has recently been awarded a Professorship in Engineering Science. Begbroke Science Parks Academic Director, Professor Pete Dobson has said it is a ‘pleasure’ to see his colleague get the deserved ‘recognition of his internationally outstanding research.’

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Ben Roeves