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Computer Vision Engineer for WheelRight


WheelRight: Off vehicle tyre pressure and tread depth system
Join the engineering team building innovation for a global network.

The global vehicle fleet runs on over 5 billion tyres. Their maintenance is critical to safety and fuel efficiency. Yet drivers have to rely on manual inspection for tread depth; the simple gauge for pressure. Automation is absent.

WheelRight’s existing integrated system, measures tyre pressure on a moving vehicle, without sensors on the tyre or vehicle and 360 degree tread depth using machine vision. Automating the process for checking the road worthiness of a vehicles tyres; “drive through tyre check” beckons for the private motorist, bus and logistics fleet operators world-wide. WheelRight are currently working with companies throughout the UK, European countries and America, where our system is used by 1,000’s of cars, buses and HGV’s each week.

With significant private equity funding WheelRight is expanding its existing team to:
• Refine and develop sophisticated algorithms employing high-level mathematics and image processing.
• Develop and integrate advanced machine-vision techniques for next-generation services.
• Create “big data” analytical data bases for tyre information gathered from 100’s to 1,000’s of sites worldwide.

WheelRight is working with a number of global tyre, fuel forecourt and fleet operators to roll-out the technology to multiple sites across the world.

Computer vision is an integral part of WheelRight’s product offering and we are developing new products based on the analysis of tyre images. We offer engineers opportunities to be involved from the definition and implementation of the image capture system through to implementing advanced mathematics and algorithm development including image processing techniques and machine learning approaches such as neural networks and deep learning. World class engineering and software combined to solve a very difficult problem: tyre inspection without stopping the vehicle or placing sensors on the vehicle, a unique solution.

The company has grown from a technical team of 4 to over 20 FTE, attracted investment exceeding £4m to fund development and sales growth. Come join a fast growing team, building unique technology with a global application for millions of drivers.

Job role

This role is to design and develop optical systems and image processing algorithms for 2D and 3D applications for tyre condition measurement. The role will include designing solutions using cutting edge computer vision to enhance our existing use of captured images to meet functional, performance and reliability targets. As part of the team it will be possible to contribute to the way in which products are developed at WheelRight and develop skills in new areas.

Person Requirements

The applicant should meet the following requirements:

• A PhD in a computer vision topic
• Expertise in machine vision algorithms and their practical implementation
• Expertise in 3D sensing and reconstruction from 2D images
• Ability to communicate complex technical ideas to other members of the engineering team
• Experience with a range of image processing techniques
• Experience applying machine vision solutions to real-world applications

Experience of the following would be an advantage:

• Defining and developing Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Learning
• At least 2 years post-doctoral experience of research and development in computer vision
   relating to 2D or 3D imaging
• Optical character recognition
• Implementing algorithms through the use of C++, C# or Python libraries such as OpenCV
• Experience using Matlab or Octave to develop image processing algorithms
• Experience developing machine learning algorithms for computer vision applications
• Industrial cameras and associated hardware
• Use of version control software (SVN, GIT, etc.)
• Development experience of Object Oriented Design

The applicant should be able to:
• Show they are self-motivated with a desire to take on new challenges and drive innovation
   within the company
• Demonstrate good written and verbal communication skills
• Engage in a dynamic and challenging environment
• Contribute to technically demanding projects
• Integrate effectively with a talented multi-disciplinary team of like-minded people
• Demonstrate a strong work ethic and the ability to be productive without direct supervision

Employment details
Working hours: 7.5 hours per day, start by 9.30am, Monday to Friday
Salary range: The salary range for this position is up to £50K per annum depending on experience
Holiday entitlement: 25 days + national holidays
WheelRight Ltd are based at the Oxford University Begbroke Science Park just north of Oxford, which
has an onsite canteen and free bus service from Oxford centre.

Joanna Grant