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CrystalMaker Software LTD Launches New Diffraction Software

CrystalMaker LogoCrystalDiffract 6.5 for Mac OS X and Windows

Powder Diffraction – on Your Desktop

Begbroke Science Park tenant CrystalMaker Software has announced the immediate availability of a major update to their CrystalDiffract powder diffraction software.

Designed for research scientists, engineers and students, CrystalDiffract 6.5  provides real-time interactive simulations of X-ray, Neutron and Electron diffraction patterns from powdered crystalline samples. The software is designed as a quick and easy way to characterise experimental data – and enables users to understand how nano-scale crystalline structures relate to observed diffraction properties.

cd-app-iconSporting a bright new interface, the new software provides easier access to powerful graphics formatting and diffraction controls. Users can now simulate the effects of non-random powder samples, e.g., plate-like crystals aligned parallel to the sample holder, or needle-shaped crystals packed into a glass capillary. A new electron simulation mode is useful for researchers working with “powder rings” in transmission electron microscope diffraction patterns. Other new features include accelerated graphics, a Loupe magnifier, new text formatting controls, coloured graph backgrounds – and a wide range of output options including Vector and Pixel graphics with transparency and user-specified resolution.

CrystalDiffract 6.5 can be used in conjunction with the company’s other software products, CrystalMaker and SingleCrystal (Apple Design Award 2007), to model materials and simulate their diffraction properties. CrystalDiffract 6.5 is available in native Mac or Windows versions, and is available directly from CrystalMaker Software Ltd . Multi-user, education and student licensing options are available.

About CrystalMaker Software Ltd

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is an award-winning software company(*), developing interactive scientific multimedia and specializing in advanced visualization of crystal and molecular structures and their diffraction patterns. (R) “CrystalMaker” and “CrystalDiffract” are registered trademarks of CrystalMaker Software Ltd. (*) The UK eCommerce Awards, 2004: winner of the E-Trading Category, South East Region. Apple Design Awards 2007: Best scientific software, “SingleCrystal 1.3” (runner-up). Macworld Editor’s Choice Awards, 2001, CrystalMaker 5.0 (finalist). Macworld, 2003: 5-mouse review, CrystalMaker 6.0.



Joanna Grant