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CrystalMaker Software Ltd Launches New Scientific Software

Announcing the All-New 64-Bit CrystalMaker X Crystal & Molecular Structures Modelling Just Got Better

Oxford, UK (July 13, 2017) – CrystalMaker Software has announced the immediate availability of an all-new version of their flagship CrystalMaker program for crystal and molecular structures modelling.

Designed for research scientists, engineers, teachers and students, CrystalMaker X features spectacular, fast, industry-leading 3D graphics. The software was completely rebuilt, from scratch, designed for the latest operating systems, with multi-touch control and real-time editing.

CrystalMaker X transcends traditional crystallography software, letting users create dynamical visualizations with rotable animations. Multiple structures can also be viewed simultaneously in the same window: useful for understanding domain boundaries in metal alloys, topotactic relationships in inorganic materials, or molecular docking.

Volumetric datasets can be visualized together with crystal structure models. Built-in porosity-map and electron density simulations are available, and arbitrary 3D datasets can be imported from a wide range of file formats.

A new energy-modelling engine makes it easy to build fully-optimized 3D molecular structures simply by pointing-and-clicking with the mouse. Vibrational properties, including infra red spectra are calculated, with rotatable animations of the individual modes.

The new Library Browser integrates multiple structures libraries – including the user’s own structures. Over 1000 structures are included with the software, indexed, annotated and with rotatable previews – and ready for instant display. Powwerful search commands make this ideal for research as well as teaching.

CrystalMaker X is available as true native 64-bit Mac and Windows applications. The Mac version supports Retina displays and sports a dedicated Touch Bar interface for the latest MacBook Pro computers. The Windows version is designed to run on the new Microsoft Surface Pro, with high-resolution displays and multi-touch control.

The software is sold directly by CrystalMaker Software Ltd ( <>/crystalmaker). Multi-user, education and student licensing options are available.


About CrystalMaker Software Ltd

CrystalMaker Software Ltd is an award-winning software company(*), developing interactive scientific multimedia and specializing in advanced visualization of crystal and molecular structures and their diffraction patterns.

(R) “CrystalMaker” and “CrystalDiffract” are registered trademarks of CrystalMaker Software Ltd.

(*) The UK eCommerce Awards, 2004: winner of the E-Trading Category, South East Region. Apple Design Awards 2007: Best scientific software, “SingleCrystal 1.3” (runner-up). Macworld Editor’s Choice Awards, 2001, CrystalMaker 5.0 (finalist). Macworld, 2003: 5-mouse review, CrystalMaker 6.0.


Press Contact:

Dr David C Palmer,

Managing Director

CrystalMaker Software Ltd

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Oxford University Begbroke Science Park

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Oxfordshire, OX5 1PF, UK

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