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CrystalMaker Software Ltd Launches New Scientific Software

CrystalMaker Software

CrystalMaker 9.0: Modelling the Materials of the Future

CrystalMaker Software has announced the immediate availability of an all-new version of their flagship “CrystalMaker” program for crystal and molecular structures – plus a free “CrystalViewer”, for student use.

Designed for research scientists and engineers, CrystalMaker 9.0 ( includes point-and-click tools for designing new molecules, optimizing their energies, combining them into “crystal” structures – and visualizing their 3D arrangements of atoms and chemical bonds.

The new program now includes support for “iPad”, letting educators embed fully-rotatable 3D models of molecules or crystals into iBooks, for viewing on iPad or Mac.

CrystalMaker 9 has a sleek new interface that’s easier to use, and includes multi-touch rotation and scaling, plus real-time control over model settings.

CrystalMaker can be used in conjunction with the company’s other software products, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal (Apple Design Award 2007), to simulate the diffraction properties of crystalline materials. A free “CrystalViewer” program ( is available for students, so they can explore CrystalMaker 9 models and “learn through play”.

CrystalMaker 9.0 is available in versions for Mac and Windows, directly from CrystalMaker Software Ltd ( Multi-user, education and student licensing options are available.


Ben Roeves