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Gateway to Research Promises Information Access for All


Research Councils UK are currently working to develop a single web-based portal, which will act as a point of access to publicly funded research. This single portal, Gateway to Research, brings together all information from the 7 Research Councils and TSB sites into one place. Further tools will include the ability to see the outcomes from research programmes and contact individuals for advice and collaborative research opportunities.

14 November 2013 saw Linda Wheeler, Aja Marriott and Gerry Lawson visit Begbroke Science Park in order to explain the benefits of GtR to the business community and provide more information for researchers on how the portal will operate on a day to day basis.

GtR aims to encourage innovation and growth within the UK by providing SMEs, particularly research intensive ones, with easier access to research information, details regarding funding and the organisations involved. It is hoped that this will allow more SME engagement with the research base, leading to growth and greater impact from the research.

You can make your contribution to the development of this portal by taking part in its hackathon on 23 to 24 November 2013 at the Hub Westminster, London. Your suggestions and changes will be incorporated in the version presented to the House of Commons on 4 December 2013. It will launch to the public in Spring 2014.

Emphasised in the seminar was the fact that this portal is a work in progress, and will continue to evolve to include a greater amount of information and information channels.

Linda Wheeler said of the morning, “it was a brilliant opportunity to talk to academics and SMEs in the same forum to show how Gateway to Research impacts businesses and academics. It was encouraging to see how the audience (at Begbroke) recognises the potential for Gateway to Research and its future.”

If you missed the seminar you can find the slides here.

Next event: 16 January 2014, How to Access EU Funding: Discover Horizon 2020 the EU’s new innovation and research funding programme. To book a space email today


Ben Roeves