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Begbroke is no ordinary, off-the-shelf science park – we have no boxes to fill.  Our buildings are developed to meet the needs of innovators working at the interface between business and science.

We’ve delivered super-cooled data centres, high-ceilinged labs for advanced materials processing equipment,  commissioned powerful electron microscopes and built engineering bays and clean rooms. Our facilities are multi-purpose – our approach is simple. We work with you, making maximum use of the site’s easy accessibility, rural setting and versatile space. Our multi-use, flexibly designed, sustainably run buildings can be adapted to suit your requirements.

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We have the scope for expansion and growth, and the expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions for university research to develop hand-in-hand with industrial and commercial enterprise.

Call us on 01865 283700 for a general discussion about moving to Begbroke Science Park – where science and industry meet.