Technical Facilities



Clean Room ImageBegbroke Science Park Cleanroom came into operation in 2002 and provides 150 m2 of cleanroom space, class 10,000, housing a suite of   processing equipment which includes:

  • The measurement suite
  • The metal deposition system
  • The yellow area (for photolithography)
  • The RIE
  • The PECVD
  • The wafer microscope
  • The rapid thermal annealing system

There are office facilities for users next to the cleanroom with a networked computer.

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Oxford Materials Characterisation Services (OMCS)

Oxford Materials Characterisation Services (OMCS)

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OMCS offers a comprehensive service for the investigation of materials and materials related problems. Our expert knowledge and extensive facilities can be used in a variety of ways to support our customers including:

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OMCS customers span a wide variety of industry sectors including automotive and aerospace, coatings, forensics, medical devices, electronics, geology and archaeology.

Now operating without any direct government support, OMCS continues to provide customers with services that they can rely on to complement their in-house capabilities. 

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Advanced Research Computing

Advanced Research Computing

 (ARC) is a central resource available to any Oxford University researcher who needs high performance computing (HPC) from any Division or Department.  ARC is an IT Services partner facility operated by the Oxford e-Research Centre.

Advanced Research Computing offers:

  • access to state-of-the-art high-performance computers
  • assistance & advice on scientific computing from application to programming support
  • training courses for both new and more experienced users
  • a range of application and software licences ready to use
  • a quick turnaround of technical issues or problems
  • support to a current portfolio of over £52M of research projects at Oxford University


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