Outreach at Begbroke

STEM Employability Workshops

STEM Employability Workshops

Developed with local employers, these workshops provide information about the skills needed by recent graduates to help them enter the workplace.

Focused on key employability skills:

Business & Customer Awareness
Problem Solving & Creativity
Communication & Literacy
Application of Numeracy
Application of IT
Positive Attitude and Entrepreneurship

 As part of the training session, students are encouraged to reflect on these skills and understand how best to sell themselves to potential employers.

Online multimedia courses

Online Multimedia Courses

Free interactive learning tools support and encourage knowledge transfer activities at all levels

The Basics of Nanotechnology

Access this free interactive multimedia resource which introduces the terminology, concepts and current debates surrounding nanotechnology, and discusses its potential applications. The Basics of Nanotechnology.

The Basics of Climate Prediction

Explore the challenge of understanding how the Earth's climate is changing: an insight into the science of climate prediction, what we know and what we don't know about predicting the weather, the climate and 'global warming'.The Basics of Climate Change

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For further information about our Schools Outreach Programme, or to book a place at one of our events for your school please e-mail: events@begbroke.ox.ac.uk