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‘Interesting People, Interesting Place and Interesting Topics’ – Begbroke Science Park Gets it Right Again!

On the 2nd of November 62 delegates attended the 3rd annual Begbroke Transfer conference ‘Building a Business: Moving your Product to the market’ at Begbroke Science Park, University of Oxford. Delegates from fledgling businesses, academia and industry came together in the pursuit of expert marketing advice.

This series of seminars is held to encourage and support young science based high tech companies from their decision to spin out a research idea to the point at which they take their product to market. These free events, with their emphasis on practically useful advice from industry experts and world-renowned Oxford University academics, are highly regarded.

Throughout the day delegates received outstanding guidance from top speakers and academic professors, the opportunity to analyse current real life case studies in a supportive environment and the chance to take away helpful ideas and strategies that can translate well into their business plans. Dr Natasha Tian from Isis Innovation said ‘I really liked the break out session’ where Loren Griffith, (Acting Director of International Strategy at Oxford University) talked about issue analysis and formulating strategy, she continued ‘the session was relevant to me, making me think about doing it a different way.’

Andrew Larkins commented on how the event brought together ‘a great mix of people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences’ giving delegates the opportunity to meet a variety of like-minded business entrepreneurs all at similar stages of development. Miss Jo De Saulles, from private equity investment firm Lloyds TSB Development Capital, reiterated Larkins’ sentiment, adding that the day offered ‘a great opportunity to come into contact with people [she] wouldn’t usually meet.’

James Shepherd, Programme Director at Tissue Banking and Cohorts told us that Jeremy Anderson’s talk on ‘Making the Most of your Website’ was ‘informative and immediately useful’.

After a full day of interactive talks and highly engaging breakout sessions, delegates had an opportunity to network while sharing their experiences of starting up a business. Steve Newman from Cherwell District Council enthused that he had found the sessions ‘very useful to share ideas with small businesses in North Oxfordshire and learn about new techniques in marketing and how these businesses can be supported locally.’

The day was well received by all with Peter Bach, BioPharmaLogic LLC, labelling his day as well spent with ‘interesting people, interesting place, interesting topics, you’re doing something right here’. The Begbroke Science Park Manager, Caroline Livingstone was ‘thrilled with the positive response of this year’s transfer event’ and is said to ‘already be looking forward to the exciting things happening on site in 2012.’

For more information about Begbroke Transfer events, and to sign up for our series in 2012, please contact the events team on 01865 283700 or email

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Ben Roeves