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Isis, Oxford Nutrascience ink global licensing deal

Isis Innovation Limited, the TTO wholly owned by the University of Oxford, U.K., has signed a global exclusive licensing deal with medicine delivery systems developer Oxford Nutrascience Group plc, of Oxfordshire, U.K. Oxford Nutrascience will develop and commercialize products utilizing a taste-masking drug delivery technology developed by Dermot O’Hare, PhD, professor of chemistry, and his research group at Oxford. The company will develop ‘no burn’ chewable and liquid ibuprofen products for the OTC and prescription markets. The company has demonstrated proof of concept for the technology to mask the taste of ibuprofen and eliminate the typical burning sensation in the throat.

The technology will allow Oxford Nutrascience to “innovate and extend the lifecycle of existing branded generic medicines and soon to be off-patent APIs,” according to Marcelo Bravo, the company’s chair. The technology, which is applicable to a broad range of pharmaceuticals, is protected by a patent granted in the U.K.

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Ben Roeves