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Jenson Button´s Championship Car comes to Begbroke Science Park!


On Tuesday 25th May 2010, Materials KTN sponsored the PerkinElmer/Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Technology day, at which Jenson Button’s 2009 Championship winning car was on display.

The event was held at Oxford University Begbroke Science Park where speakers from the Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team and PerkinElmer showcased the technology which, through their technical partnership, has enabled them to revolutionise Grand Prix racing

Button’s car was an excellent demonstration of PerkinElmer’s invaluable contribution to the design and manufacture of F1 cars today. Their analytical expertise has provided the motor racing industry with advanced monitoring technology and improved manufacturing techniques resulting in increased efficiency and performance. One example of this is their ability to do trackside analysis of gearbox oil for traces of wear metals in order to inform decisions about changing the gearbox – this decision is critical as a gearbox change before the four race limit will result in a 5 place penalty on the starting grid!

The day proved very successful, attracting a wide range of people from school children to F1 enthusiasts to academics, all enjoying an exclusive photo opportunity with the car.

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