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Major Update From Award-Winning Oxfordshire Software Company

CrystalMaker Software Ltd has been based in the Centre for Innovation and Enterprise since the building opened in 2006, making them one of the longest-standing companies establishing a base at Begbroke Science Park.

In July this year they released a major new version of their crystal/molecular visualisation software. The update features faster graphics and powerful video tools for sharing 3D models, and can be used together with the company’s other software products, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal. Their SingleCrystal software programme scooped an Apple Design Award in 2007.

Founded in 2003 by two former academics, CrystalMaker is renowned for its elegant, user-centric interface designs. Their products are widely used in the scientific research labs of the world’s major universities. In industry, high profile users include Ford, Motorola, NASA, Honda and Sony.

Dr David Palmer, Managing Director CrystalMaker, comments “We are very happy working here at Begbroke, in the new Centre for Innovation and Enterprise. This is an excellent location, and we have enjoyed truly outstanding support from the centre staff. We also value the scientific focus and close links with academia”.

Ben Roeves