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Begbroke Science Park > News and Press > Matt Dawson meets the Energy & Power Group ahead of Shell Eco Marathon 2013 in Rotterdam.
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Matt Dawson meets the Energy & Power Group ahead of Shell Eco Marathon 2013 in Rotterdam.

Matt Dawson alongside Shell met with The Energy & Power team to view electric eco car ahead of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013.

Former England Rugby Captain, Matt Dawson, arrived at Begbroke Science Park, Oxford University on May 9 ahead of the Energy & Powers team’s trip to Rotterdam to compete at the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013.

Featuring a variety of ‘go-faster’ and ‘go-efficiently’ tweaks and modifications, Oxford’s battery electric vehicle PEGGIE is a strong candidate in the award categories for technical innovation, marketing and safety.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013 will take place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands between 15-19 May. The competition in Europe is taking place on a street track around the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam. The EPG’s vision for the 2013 Eco-marathon is to submit a refined sleek battery electric version of their 2012 entry. PEGGIE provides a unique framework to allow the team to implement their powertrain – motors, electronics, photovoltaics and batteries – expertise.

These characteristics are certain to be worthy of future transport technologies, enhancing the efficient use of fuels, in the best interest of global sustainable development.

Two members of Wired commercial team also came to interview the team on May 9 for a news spread focusing on the perspective of a UK group through the eyes of the team.

The team were keen to highlight the impact of the efficiency of the driver not just the weightless materials. Peter Armstrong said: “We are putting a strong emphasis on driving style.”

The ‘new look PEGGIE’ is to be revealed at a public event in Oxford on Friday, May 10 at 5 pm at the Royal Oak in Woodstock Road.



Ben Roeves