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Nano Science Goes Under the Microscope at Begbroke Science Park

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On the 24th of June 2011, the University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park welcomed 40 students from four local Oxfordshire schools to take part in a ‘Time for Nano’ Nano Science event. The four local schools involved were Kingham Hill School, The Marlborough School, The Oxford Academy and Oxford High School.

The aim of the day was for students to explore and understand the idea of Nano Science and to realise the potential new developing nanotechnologies have in our world today.

The exciting experiments demonstrated the diversity of Nano Science by relating it to practical scientific applications we see every day. Students were shown a varied range of individual applications such as the nature of hydrophobic coatings, magic sand and anti-fog coatings by scientists from the University of Oxford.

Dr Christiane Norenberg, Nanotechnology Programme Manager at Begbroke Science Park commented “The ‘Time for Nano’ event was a great success and everybody, pupils and scientists alike, thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on demonstrations. We will be holding similar events in the future to enable more of Oxfordshire’s school children to explore the Nano world”.

The day’s event signified the importance of creativity and innovation in science, as students were able to appreciate its importance in enterprise. They also got a glimpse of the role that Begbroke Science Park plays in fostering partnerships between academic researchers and industry experts, looking to translate creativity and innovation in science into commercial reality. The Park has been hailed as a business model for others to follow.

Professor Peter Dobson, Academic Director at Begbroke said “It’s a huge pleasure to see technology develop, and to see the Begbroke blueprint being repeated in the UK and internationally, and I am delighted to showcase the work we do here at Begbroke to the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs”

Comments from teachers on the day:

– Mr Andrew Dean, teacher of Physics at The Marlborough School said, “The students were really looking forward to the day; they like to see the Scientists doing their work and see the practical real life products.

– Stephen Miller, Head of Science at Kingham Hill School also commented on the day “Fabulous, really good! It was good to see how they have engaged in the activities. I’m really impressed with how hands-on it is and the students are really enjoying it.

– It’s a fantastic event! – Interactive, hands-on and very interesting noted Nafis Dayala, Lead Practitioner in Science at The Oxford Academy

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Ben Roeves