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Nekton News: New Coral Species, Deepest Lionfish, Morgan Freeman, U.K Government

January 2018

Greetings and happy new year,

Our quest is to explore and research the home of the greatest biodiversity in the ocean, the Bathyal Zone – 200m to 3,000m. We’re now delighted to share our first scientific contributions from Mission I – the discoveries of new species, including a Black Coral, along with the deepest recorded lion fish. In total, 20 peer-reviewed papers will be published within 24 months of the conclusion of field research.

We’re very pleased to have received recognition and support from the UK Government, selected to be part of the Great Britain Campaign and become a flagbearer for Global Britain alongside McLaren, Burberry, Aston Martin and others. This collaboration supports the growing strength and momentum of all our partnerships and the Nekton Alliance.

Having already reached a global audience of 750 million through our first Mission, we’re continuing to play our part to help galvanise public interest in the ocean. Our team were scientific consultants on BBC Blue Planet II and we’ve helped to spark Sky’s Ocean Rescue Campaign and the Ocean Risk Summit.

Looking ahead, plans are coming together for our next multi-year Mission to the Indian Ocean region (2018-2021) and we’re honoured that the wonderful Morgan Freeman has narrated our latest film.

Onward and downward,

Oliver Steeds,

Chief Executive,

Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute



Mission I First publications: deepest lionfish, new species.

The first peer-reviewed papers from Mission I: XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey have been published. They include the deepest lionfish ever recorded and a host of new species discovered including a Black Coral. Analysis and publications are coordinated across a network of participating scientists from nine marine institutes and a total of 20 papers will be published within 24 months of the conclusion of field research. All specimens, data and discoveries will be presented to the Government of Bermuda on 8th May 2018.

View publications from Mission I »

GOSSIP: Standardizing multi-disciplinary marine research

Following the launch of the General Ocean Survey & Sampling Iterative Protocol (GOSSIP) at Our Ocean, Malta, the protocol, co-authored by 16 leading international marine scientists, will soon be published in Oceanography. To support the standardization of multi-disciplinary field research, we will be encouraging adoption of the Protocol at the 15th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in Monterey, California along with other conferences and networks.

Learn more about GOSSIP »   



Mission II: Film narrated by Morgan Freeman

Development for the Indian Ocean Mission 2018-2021 with our launch partners Kensington Tours  continues with the goal of undertaking the first Expedition towards the end of the year. The Mission is endorsed by the 2nd International Indian Ocean Expedition (UNESCO-IOC). The latest film about the Mission has been narrated by the wonderful Morgan Freeman.

Watch the Mission Film » 

Nekton backed by UK Government

Nekton have been backed by the UK Government and the Great Britain Campaign to be a flag bearer of Global Britain alongside McLaren, Burberry, Aston Martin, Framestore and others. We are honoured to have been selected as an icon of British leadership in science, technology, conservation, exploration and subsea innovation.

Visit the Great Britain Campaign »  



Nekton Scientific Advisors to BBC Blue Planet II

Professor Alex Rogers (Nekton Science Director) and Dr. Lucy Woodall (Nekton Principal Scientist) have acted as scientific advisors to the hugely successful new BBC Blue Planet II Series. The Guardian reported that the series has helped create a ‘sea change in the popularity of marine biology courses and the study of the world’s oceans’.

Visit the BBC Blue Planet II » 

Nekton sparks creation of Sky Ocean Rescue

Sky News were the first to report from Nekton Mission I in Bermuda and we’re very proud to learn the coverage helped galvanise Sky Plc to create the Sky Ocean Rescue Campaign that was launched in January 2017. Nekton will be participating in Sky’s coverage on the 24th January, the first anniversary of the Campaign and continue to support Sky with their endeavours.

Learn more about Sky Ocean Rescue » 



Ocean Risk Summit: Tackling ocean risk through public-private partnerships

Nekton are a leading participant and supporter of the inaugural Ocean Risk Summit to be held in Bermuda, 8-10th May 2018, initiated by our Founding Partners XL Catlin. Leaders from across the political, economic, environmental and risk sectors will be aiming to generate new solutions to build resilience, reduce and mitigate effects from a changing ocean.

For more information on the Summit » 



We are looking for new science, philanthropy, business, technology, policy, capacity development, media and education partners to join us on the lndian Ocean Mission. If you share our vision and want to be at the forefront of the global effort to accelerate ocean science, policy and governance, do contact us.

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