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OAS Wins Clean Energy Award

OAS is proud to announce its double win at the 2016 annual Rushlight Awards. OAS entered the Powered Transport category for “the most significant advancement that has resulted in the commercial development of forms of transport for land, sea or air which result in a significantly improved embedded environmental footprint”. OAS’s Onto™ technology aids the production of lighter weight vehicles. It provides a crucial step to achieving the EU’s environmental targets for lower CO2 emissions. Onto™ is a surface modification technology that enables better bonding to lightweight materials like reinforced composites, engineering plastics and aluminium. It provides a practical solution to the joining within multi-material components that are needed for effective lightweight design.

Rushlight Clean Energy AwardNot only did OAS win the Powered Transport category, it was shortlisted and went on to win a group category – the Rushlight Clean Energy Award.
Philip Spinks, CEO at Oxford Advanced Surfaces, said “We are delighted to have been recognised for our team’s work in enabling industry to deliver cleaner and more efficient transport”.
The awards ceremony took place at the Royal College of Surgeons on 28th January. Other winning and commended innovations included a portable solar powered water purification device from Desolenator, circular wind sails from Norse Power that allow ship’s engines to throttle back and reduce fuel consumption, and Bowman’s advanced exhaust energy recovery technology for reducing fuel requirements.

“The Rushlight Awards are prestigious in the clean tech area and we are proud to be winners amongst so much innovation”, commented Terence Warmbier, OAS’s Business Development Executive.
OAS would like to extend its congratulations to the other entrants, commended runners up and winners for this year’s awards.
To find out more about the benefits of Onto™ technology in automotive manufacturing, please contact Oxford Advanced Surfaces.

Ben Roeves