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OGT licenses SNP probe technology to Baylor Miraca

Oxford Gene Technology LogoOxford Gene Technology has agreed a new technology licensing deal with the Texas-based Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories (BMGL), according to a recent report on the Zenopa website.

The deal covers the use of Oxford Gene Technology’s proprietary single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array probe technology, for use in array-based analysis of low-input DNA samples.

This technology overcomes the limitations of restriction enzyme-based SNP probe approaches previously employed at BMGL for loss of heterozygosity detection. Older restriction enzyme-based approaches are unable to accurately analyse small amounts of DNA.

Oxford Gene Technology’s probes target each SNP allele, with every product having undergone extensive optimisation and validation to ensure robust and high-resolution loss of heterozygosity analysis.

Dr Mike Evans, chief executive officer of Oxford Gene Technology, said: “Through granting the licence, we are proud to be advancing the capabilities of such a prominent organisation as BMGL with our SNP array probe technology and Cytocell FISH probes.”

This comes after the firm recently agreed to sell its next-generation sequencing services business to Source BioScience, an established collaborative partner.

Read more about this deal on the OGT website.

Joanna Grant