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Oxford Advanced Surfaces completes sale with a championship winning Formula 1® constructor

Oxford Advanced Surfaces LogoBegbroke Science Park tenant Oxford Advanced Surfaces Limited (OAS), a company focussed on chemical surface modification for various applications, has completed a sale of its EP1020 adhesion promotion product to a championship winning Formula 1® constructor. The product is now undergoing development testing in the 2015 season car.

The constructor wished to improve the adhesion performance of semi-crystalline thermoplastic components. This substrate was selected as having optimum properties for the application; however it suffered from adhesion failure during testing. OAS’s EP1020 was trialled as an adhesion promoter for this material system and was found to significantly improve the bond strength leading to a commercial sale of the product.

Our EP1020 treatment is applied by brush or roller and can be cured using a standard heat gun. It lends itself well to this application because no specialist coating or curing equipment is required and the system can easily be used in the pits should any repairs be needed.

EP1020 is part of the Onto™ EP1000 series of adhesion promotion surface treatments supplied by OAS. The treatment has been shown to improve bonding of coatings, inks and adhesives to a range of thermoplastic and composite substrates as well as aluminium. EP1000 products are suitable for coatings with polyurethane, epoxy, silicone or siloxane-based epoxy chemistry.

To find out more about our adhesion promoters for difficult-to-bond substrates or to evaluation our products please contact us:


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Joanna Grant