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Oxford materials spin-out Bodle Technologies moves to Begbroke Science Park

Oxford spin-out to use phase change materials for smart glazing, displaysHarish Peiman Bodle Tech

09 November 2015

The discovery by researchers at the University of Oxford that it is possible to use extremely thin, flexible, transparent layers of a new smart material to create low-energy high-resolution displays and glazing, is to be commercialised by spin-out company, Bodle Technologies.

Oxford Sciences Innovation, the £320m investment company established to provide capital and scaling expertise to Oxford spin-outs, is the lead investor in the new company.  Other investors include the University of Oxford Isis Fund II, managed by Parkwalk Advisors and the Oxford Technology and Innovations EIS Fund led by George Robinson. Dr David Fyfe, former CEO of Cambridge Display Technologies and currently Executive Chairman of Oxford PV will join as Executive Chairman.

The invention, by a team led by Professor Harish Bhaskaran and his postdoctoral researcher Peiman Hosseini at the University’s Department of Materials, attracted attention from both industry and investors following the publication of a paper in Nature in 2014.

Professor Bhaskaran said: “This new approach allows us to create materials which can not only manipulate light very cleverly, but are also very cost-effective. We will be creating smart glazing which allows only certain wavelengths of light into a building, giving instant control over both the heat and light being transmitted, and over the appearance of the glass. We will also be working on other applications for these thin film materials including novel reflective displays and security markings.

“This technology is capable of providing vivid colour displays which appear similar to paper, yet with very high resolution. It is also capable of rendering extremely high-resolution videos that can be seen in bright sunlight.”Harish and Peiman looking through materials bodle tech

The University’s commercialisation company Isis Innovation supported the team by filing patents, building the business plan and marketing the opportunity.

Isis Innovation managing director Linda Naylor said: “This is a great example of the Oxford innovation ecosystem at work, strengthened now by Oxford Sciences Innovation as a key investor in the community.”

Hosseini – also a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub member – will join Bodle as Chief Technology Officer. The technology has already received backing from Oxford’s University Challenge Seed Fund to finance the initial prototyping work and market analysis.

The research was funded by grants from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

oldforge externalBodle Technologies will be based in the Old Forge at Begbroke Science Park,  immediately dubbed the “nanotechfarm” by its new incumbents.  Dr Caroline Livingstone, General Manager Begbroke Science Park commented “We’re delighted that Oxford’s newest spinouts have chosen Begbroke as their base, and we extend a warm welcome to Harish, Peiman and their team. They’ve moved into a space with one of the best views on the Park…watch out for the wildlife – it’s busy here on the farm!”

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