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PEGGIE needs you!

The Energy & Power Group

This February the Energy and Power Group welcomed Maxon Motors and Eureka magazine for a tour of their facilities at Begbroke, proudly showcasing their prizewinning energy-efficient vehicle, PEGGIE.

PEGGIE is a sleek and shapely prototype battery electric vehicle developed by a team of engineers from the Oxford Martin School’s Institute for Carbon and Energy Reduction in Transport and the University of Oxford’s Engineering Department headed by Dr Malcolm McCulloch, based on-site at Begbroke.

Maxon Motors’ technical and sales engineers visited the Engineering Department offering new parts, front-line advice and sponsorship to the EPG. Eureka magazine also joined the afternoon’s events and will be featuring PEGGIE in Eureka, a monthly publication for engineering design, later this month.

Doctoral student Peter Armstrong, from the University’s Energy & Power Group, delighted with the success of the tour, commented, “what a valuable opportunity it was for the EPG to showcase the latest technologies incorporated into PEGGIE, as well as allowing Maxon Motors to share their knowledge and expertise, helping the department develop their research.”

As they prepare the car for entry into the 2013 Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam, the group would now like to invite you to be a part of this venture. In return, you will gain exposure via a world-renowned event through sponsorship of the PEGGIE Team from the University of Oxford. In their first year of entry, the EPG group saw coverage from the BBC, National Geographic and many other high-impact media sources.

The group has already secured some sponsorship, and is looking to increase interest and investment of up to £20,000 from numerous sectors, which will cover the estimated costs of repainting the vehicle, new parts, R&D and travel to the Shell Eco-Marathon in Holland.

You can donate anything, from materials for the vehicle manufacture to van hire for PEGGIE and the team’s transportation to the event. The group are also glad to accept cash donations through their Eco-Vehicle Club that belongs to the University of Oxford. Different ranges of sponsorship are available. Please see THIS NEWSLETTER for more information on the Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsorship options.

Dr Darren Kavanagh, from the Energy & Power Group also commented, “It is hoped that this media coverage will help raise awareness, and bring more sponsors on-board to support this wonderful student initiative, which is pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology. PEGGIE will compete this year at the 2013 Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam.”

If you are eager to be involved in this environmentally-friendly project please contact: Nicole Miranda – Team PEGGIE PR for more information:

Ben Roeves