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Phishing, Hooking and Facebook- Your information in their hands

Phishing, Hooking and Facebook- Your information in their hands

Brian Wright, IT Manager at Begbroke Science Park, led the most recent in our series of breakfast networking seminars, entitled ‘Phishing, Hooking and Facebook- Your information in their hands’ on 4 July 2012.

Brian gave an insight into the evolution of the 5 current major threats to information security- Spear Phishing; Hooking and Beef; SQL Injection; Third Party Exploits and Facebook. He outlined the negative impacts these threats can have on the security of our information, and provided the audience with practical advice on how best to protect their business.

Brian was keen to highlight that “what I have told you today is best practice! These preventative measures need to become part of your company policy and will only work if implemented regularly, not lost in your company handbook.” Brian warned that “hackers are ahead of the game finding weaknesses in your system and possibly accessing your details, so it is vital to update regularly and patch, patch, patch!”

David Palmer, Managing Director of Crystal Maker Software Ltd, commented,” it was a very eye opening seminar” , with his colleague Mike Connelly agreeing that the seminar was “well-presented to a very high standard, and covered a lot of very important topics”. They both felt that the preventative methods that they had learned of at the seminar would be “highly likely” to be implemented into their company policies.

Dr Caroline Livingstone, Manager of Begbroke Science Park, says “seminars like this are important to help keep small companies up to date, and are crucial to the ethos of the science park.”

If you missed today’s event, download Brian’s slides here.

This series will be taking a short break over the summer but dates for new seminars will be released shortly.

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Ben Roeves