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Royal Commission offers Fellowship funding worth up to £80,000

On the December 13th 2012, Begbroke Science Park welcomed The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to a breakfast meeting where the Chief Executive Nigel Williams promoted their Industrial Fellowship scheme. The scheme aims to extend the influence of science into industry and production. It does this by sponsoring exceptional graduates, employed by a company, to work with an academic sponsor and so gain a PhD.

The Fellowships encourage innovation and creativity in British industry, and partnerships between industry and universities. The student is employed by the company, but gains access to a university research group and academic supervisor, as well as access to the network of Industrial and other Royal Commission Fellows and sponsors. The academic gains access to the company and its research base, a broader perspective on their research, and access to the Royal Commission networks. It is very much a partnership between the student, the academic, and the company.

The Industrial Fellowship is worth up to £80,000 over three years. The Commission will pay 50% of the students’ salary (up to £20,000 a year), all university costs, and provides a yearly travel allowance of up to £3.5kpa, a contribution to consumable costs, and £10k to the academic sponsor. The award is made to the student.

The seminar included case studies from Ian Towle and Kaylie Smith from Ketonex, an ex-Begbroke tenant, who spoke about the Fellowships from a user perspective. Kaylie, a fellowship student, commented, ‘I wanted to do a PhD but didn’t want to be a student anymore. This is a different experience which allows you to establish so many more links and allows you to see all the sides of business.’ Kaylie noted that the Fellowship gives a sense of community and the events hosted by the Commission provide opportunities to form close links with other Fellows and with commissioners.

The attendees, many from micro SME’s, welcomed the award. Julie Davies from Cytox commented, ‘the information on available funding is valuable and the potential to bring forward research within the company and gain associations with the University are very beneficial.’ Involved in diagnostics, Julie is looking to forge links with Universities in her region.

Questions were asked surrounding the application process and Nigel stressed that the Commission is very broad-minded, and is keen to adapt guidelines to fit the user’s needs, whilst maintaining excellence. They award fellowships to students and companies involved in Computer Science, Software Design and Medical Science. Nigel said ‘We are very flexible; you name it we will look at it…’

The approaching deadline for submission is January 23rd 2013. Interviews take place in April 2013 and the fellowship will begin from October 2013. The Industrial Fellowships offer, on merit, up to 8 highly regarded awards annually.

The Royal Commission has a rich history dating back to 1851, when Prince Albert appointed a Commission for promoting Arts Manufacture and Industry by means of a great collection of Arts and Industry of all Nations, to be formed in London at The Crystal Palace. The Fellowships stemmed from the profit Prince Albert made after the exhibition, and are aimed at helping graduates working in Industry conduct a programme of research in conjunction with a university that leads to a patent, product or process and a higher educational qualification.

For further information on the Industrial Fellowship scheme please see their website

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Video live from The Breakfast Seminar Series, The Blenheim Room

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