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Simple-to-use adhesion promoter for plastics now available for trial from Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS)

OAS logoOAS has developed Onto™ EP1021, a brush-applied adhesion promoter as a further addition to the EP1000 series of products. The treatments in this series promote the adhesion of polyurethane and epoxy-based coatings, inks paints and adhesives to difficult-to-bond substrates. They improve bonding to engineering plastics and reinforced plastic composite substrates such as PA (polyamide), PEEK and UHMWPE.

Evaluation Packs of the treatment are now available for trial. Jon-Paul Griffiths, Technology Manager, commented “The treatment is a three-component system and is designed to be simple to mix and apply. It is water/alcohol based and does not contain any solvents that carry a risk of toxicity”.

Sarah Vickers, Marketing and Product Manager, said “This is another great addition to our EP1000 series of adhesion promoters. It is applied by brush so it is ideal if you only want to treat part of a substrate or component, and it can be used for both curved and flat parts”.

As with all Onto™ treatments, EP1021 contains no aromatic hydrocarbon solvents which are commonly found in other adhesion promoters for plastics. Aromatic hydrocarbons like toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene are a source of concern for manufacturers in terms of health, safety and environment, and many people are now looking for alternatives.

Oxford Advanced Surfaces has developed a range of products to address the engineering challenges of advanced materials for the automotive, aerospace, protection/defence and energy industries. Professor Moloney and Dr Griffiths set up the company at Begbroke Science Park  in 2006 to exploit novel applications of its proprietary Onto™ carbene chemistry, spinning out from Oxford University’s Chemistry department.The company’s customer base includes industrial coatings specialists and a championship winning Formula 1® constructor.

For more information, visit the OAS website

Joanna Grant