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Social Media Strategy at Begbroke Science Park

On the 9th February 2012, Begbroke Science Park was pleased to welcome Mary Thomas from Concise Training, to present our first breakfast Bitesize meeting of 2012, on ‘Social Media Strategy’.

The ‘Social Media Strategy’ seminar aimed to provide professional insight into social media as a marketing tool with helpful and practical guidance on how to use it appropriately in your own marketing plan. Keen to highlight how social media marketing is changing traditional channels, Mary used the analogy of walking into a busy room. While companies used to broadcast their message to the entire room, social media has now enabled them to engage individuals in conversation, giving them a much clearer idea of their customers. While there isn’t one definition of social media, Mary highlighted that the most important part of using your social media campaign is to ‘engage’ with a large number of people in a cost effective, time efficient way.

Advising delegates to revisit their entire marketing strategy to allow them to see how, why and where they needed apply social media, Mary enabled delegates to realistically consider a social media campaign. For Anne Miller, ESKTN, social media strategy seemed a daunting prospect ‘as someone with more silver hair, I’ve been tending to think ‘hmm, tweeting, is that me?’, but enthused by Marys advise, she felt she had ‘a much clearer picture of where all the different tools fit together’.

The event was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all. This is the first seminar of 2012 of a series set out to provide practical and useful guidance to high tech science based companies. If you missed the event, never fear, download Mary’s slides here. The next breakfast seminar will be providing helpful guidance on how your start up might be entitled to R&D tax credits. 13/03/2012

Ben Roeves