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Begbroke Science Park > News and Press > Students from Kingham Hill School win coveted award from Oxford University’s Begbroke Science Park with their “Mind-Bot” invention.
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Students from Kingham Hill School win coveted award from Oxford University’s Begbroke Science Park with their “Mind-Bot” invention.

Students from Kingham Hill School, this morning became the winners of the 2012 Innovation Showcase at University of Oxford, Begbroke Science Park. Their winning idea, ‘The Mind-bot’, uses new technology to remotely control robots by strength of thought alone. The team provided a broad range of possible commercial applications, all focused on safety, eg: helping fire brigades, police and the military in hazardous and difficult situations.

Professor Pete Dobson, Academic Director, complimented the winning team saying “Kingham Hill School demonstrated excellent technical and presentation skills and were impressive amongst very high-performing teams.”

The Innovation Showcase forms part of the Oxfordshire Science Festival and is for Key stage 3 science students. Students from Banbury, Gosford Hill and Kingham Schools took part. The activity was designed to encourage students to think laterally about how to commercialise scientific discoveries.

After the students and teachers were greeted by Professor Peter Dobson they had a guided tour of the site. With presentations from the Mobile Robotics Group and the Impact Lab, students were able to see exciting ways in which it is hoped that science will change the automotive industry in the future. Catherine Lane from Kingham Hill School said she really enjoyed “seeing the car, then actually getting in it later on, it was amazing! To think that in 5-10 years there could be cars like this on the road is amazing because it’s so cool.”

After an initial brainstorming session, students presented their ideas to a panel of judges in a ‘dragons den’ style situation. Mr Gareth Cook, a teacher from Banbury School, explained that he “came to the showcase to show the different ways that they can use science as a career”. He commented on how during the Innovation Showcase it had “been great to see them working well together as a group and start to think about things in different ways. They have realised that scientists here are using things that they are learning in school and looking at practical applications. I think it’s really important as I don’t think students necessarily see the link of what they are learning in the classroom and real life jobs.”

Kingham Hill School was presented with the Innovation Showcase 2012 award. Dr Caroline Livingstone, the Manager of Begbroke Science Park said “we are very pleased at how high the standard of work was during the showcase. It was really hard to pick a winning team. The students were engaged throughout and said how cool they thought it was that the researchers could get paid for doing such exciting stuff. We’re looking forward to next year’s event already”.

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