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The Oxford London Lecture 2013

Professor Paul Newman – Where are the robots?

Professor Paul Newman will be speaking at the annual lecture series hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford which explores the newest research emerging from the city of Oxford. This year’s lecture and panel discussion features Begbroke-based Professor Paul Newman who heads up the Mobile Robotics Group within the Department of Engineering Science. He will talk about the challenges and promise of robotic technology in the 21st Century at The Assembly Hall Church House Conference Centre in Westminster on Tuesday March 12th 2013 at 6:45pm.

Professor Newman will talk about the nature of, and solutions to, challenges which have arisen on the way to building machines that can labour, protect, explore, build, manufacture, care and drive in our name. Where are the robots we seem to have been promised since the 1950’s? What is the hold up? Are we nearly there now? For example, will cars be driving themselves soon? Staggering changes in computing, connectivity and opportunity are coming together and this provides a platform from which to peer into what we should expect in the coming decade. Robotics will change us.

For further information on the lecture please see the University of Oxford’s event listing


Ben Roeves