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Toothbrushes could test DNA for cancer and Alzheimer’s, Oxford Nanopore says

oxford-nanpore-logoYour toothbrush could soon warn you about the onset of diseases such as cancer andAlzheimer’s, according to technologists.

Tiny microchips embedded in ordinary household appliances could analyse your DNA for genetic markers that are known to indicate the disease, the technology publication Wired, said.

Known as nanopore sequencers, the tiny computer chip can decode DNA into a digital format, which can then be inspected to find the tell-tale signs of any diseases.

The sequencers are becoming smaller and can be embedded in any product or device that it comes into contact with human DNA, the Times reported.

Clive Brown, chief technology officer at Oxford Nanopore, a company that makes a palm-sized nanopore detector, told the Wired Health medical technology conference that the sequencers could become “ubiquitous sensing apparatus” capable of monitoring our health.

The miniaturisation of DNA sequencers is a watershed in science and could lead to a revolution in health care.

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Oxford Nanopore was founded on the science of Professor Hagan Bayley of the University of Oxford in 2005, and was based at Begbroke Science Park from 2007-2009. The company now employs a team of more than 150 people including scientists, engineers, informaticians, manufacturing and commercial specialists. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, the Company also has employees in Cambridge (UK), New York and Boston.

Joanna Grant