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Two Oxfordshire Firms Win Almost £1m Funding For Cutting-edge Energy Projects

CCm Research Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd LogoTwo local Oxfordshire businesses, Oxford PV and CCM Research, have won almost £1 million funding between them for their low carbon energy projects, which turn buildings into power stations, and convert CO2 into fertilisers.

They are two of 19 projects that have been awarded a share of £9 million available through the third phase of the Government’s Energy Entrepreneurs’ Fund (EEF), which helps small and medium sized businesses to bring low carbon products to market.

And local businesses can now apply for an extra £5 million of funding with the launch of the fourth round of the EEF.

Window solar panels

Oxford PV has developed thin-film solar cells which can be printed directly onto office windows to produce a transparent, coloured coating. The cost effective technology can provide a significant percentage of a building’s electrical requirements directly from solar energy, turning the building into its own power station.

Kevin Arthur Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford PV, said:

“The EEF grant has enabled us to recruit more scientists and engineers and invest in advanced capital equipment in the UK that will allow us to compete with global developers and bring optimised perovskite solar cells towards a goal of more than 20 per cent efficiency ahead of our competition.”

Converting CO2 into soil conditioning agents

CCm Research’s technology captures CO2 from fossil fuel power plants and energy intensive industries including waste management companies, and converts it into fertilisers and other chemicals which can be used in agriculture and energy storage as well as other sectors. CCm Research’s process is able to capture 95% of the CO2 emissions.

Sam Merullo, of CCm Research, said:

“The challenge for any company in this sector is making the transition from scientific concept to demonstrating commercial value and then delivering it. This challenge includes the raising of cash to support the company’s successful commercial engagement with relevant parties. The support and advice from DECC’s EEF has provided CCm Research with significant assistance in making that transition and significantly aided us in raising outside investment and increasing the size of our workforce.” Read more

Original article by Nicholas Newman Oxford Prospect 

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