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UK Trade & Investment advises Oxfordshire businesses at Begbroke Science Park

BSP International Seminar Series

BSP’s International Seminar Series welcomed guest speaker Roope Aaltonen, International Trade Advisor for Oxfordshire, to reveal how UK Trade & Investment is able to help internationalise businesses with free impartial advice.

Mr Aaltonen began the second seminar in the series with a rundown of typical export challenges, ranging from market focus to market selection, taking a pit stop tour of emerging export markets along the way.  He went on to encourage businesses to take a focused approach to market selection, avoiding the pitfalls of trying to conquer too many markets at once.

Delegates then discovered how UKTI supports business through a network of approximately 300 UK-based advisors, advisors in 120 different countries, and close third-party links. Mr Aaltonen emphasised that UKTI helps companies with all aspects of exporting, whether they are experienced international traders, or relative novices just starting out.

Further programmes, such as ‘Passport to Export’, were explained, offering delegates a range of ways in which to engage with the government-run body.

Joe Claxton, Kidlington Parish Council said the seminar was, “a relaxed, informative session yielding smart ideas and strategies for export”.

Alison Haill, member of the newly established Oxford International Business Club, closed the seminar by summarising how their forum provides a platform for local companies to share international business knowledge.

Reflecting on the seminar, Ella Barrington, Base Performance Simulators said “It was really interesting; he (Roope Aaltonen) can help us on so many levels. It was great to sit down for an hour at the start of the day, and think about all the issues (of exporting)”.

Demonstrating the popularity of the series’ format and topic, delegates commented that “The breakfast provides a snapshot perspective on relevant issues and themes in an informal, insightful, applicable manner, inspiring new ideas and reflective considerations.”

If you missed the seminar please find the slides here.

The series continues on 20 March 2014 with emerging technology start-ups, Energenics and Oxford PV, offering their insight into doing business overseas. Pick up hints and tips from experienced professionals on all things international.  Book your FREE space now by emailing or for further information on the series see here.

Ben Roeves