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Vince Cable Visit

Begbroke Science Park welcomed Dr Vince Cable.

Begbroke Science Park was pleased to welcome the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable, to the site on August 13th. The visit, which formed part of a wider visit to Oxfordshire, demonstrated how University innovation is directly contributing to innovation and growth within the UK.

Dr Cable met with both University scientists and CEOs of companies based on site.  A brief tour of the park encompassed The Supercomputer, The Department of Engineering’s Impact Testing Laboratory and Robotic Vehicle laboratory, and finished with the world class Materials Characterization facilities. This also enabled Dr Cable to see the societal benefits that result from the park’s activities.

Throughout the day a range of topics were discussed, including a lively discussion about the many great government initiatives that help foster science and support the growth of small technology companies.  In addition, Dr Cable was keen to understand where the remaining barriers stood and what government could do to help break through them.

Other topics of the day included the difficulties of financing companies going through the growth phase, skills training at all levels (especially at PhD level) and the maintenance of adequate funding of University infrastructure for applied science and science parks such as Begbroke.

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Ben Roeves