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Widening Participation at Begbroke

Compass: The Young Carers Programme

In July 2012 Oxford University’s Widening Participation Programme hosted a workshop on site at Begbroke Science Park. The aim of the event was for co-ordinators to support young people to make informed educational choices and to encourage confidence, whilst promoting extended, sustained education. With this outlook to higher level education, co-ordinators assisted in inspiring strong, positive attitudes.

Sian Renwick, chief co-ordinator of the Compass: Young Carers Programme offered a fantastic opportunity to local students. The event fully encompassed community engagement, lifelong learning and social interactivity.

Begbroke Site was the perfect venue for Widening Participation attendees, it’s walled garden providing an accessible, enclosed and safe space for the children who attended.

Education is a high priority focus at Begbroke Science Park, and events such as our Nano School Day and Innovation Showcase already engage with school children. Begbroke’s collaboration with the Widening Participation team is a great way for young people’s groups to be proactive on site and to make use of our many facilities.

Ben Roeves