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Zyoxel, a leading provider of human tissue testing technologies for drug discovery, announced today at the Society of Toxicology 50th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., U.S.A., the official launch of the TissueFlex® System, a complete solution for rou

TissueFlex® addresses the missing link between conventional 2D assays and in vivo studies, providing a true three-dimensional (3D) platform for in vitro cultures with more in vivo-like behaviour to improve the predictivity of drug safety and efficacy testing.

The benefits of 3D culture, in terms of cell viability, morphology, expression and function, have been widely acknowledged. However, until now, tissue culture solutions have been relatively complex products that have lacked the scope, versatility and robustness to achieve widespread use in pharmaceutical research and development.

TissueFlex® is a simple but innovative off-the-shelf product for routine 3D perfusion cell culture. The TissueFlex® System comprises a microbioreactor, which is used with a specially designed incubator and syringe pump to enable 3D perfusion culture. At the heart of the TissueFlex® System is Zyoxel’s patent-pending TissueFlex® Microbioreactor; a multi-well unit formed from a gas-permeable biocompatible polymer. Each well is individually perfused providing a microchemostat environment optimal for tissue culture and enabling the straightforward collection of perfusate for analysis. TissueFlex® is ideal for low volume, high content assays, offering more human relevant mechanistic insights from tissue-level models.

To demonstrate the versatility of TissueFlex®, Zyoxel and its collaborators have generated function and drug effect data for a wide variety of human and animal adult and stem cell types. TissueFlex®-based tissue cultures are stable and highly functional over several weeks enabling longer term studies to identify potential chronic drug effects.

“We fundamentally believe that TissueFlex® will help researchers to address some of the most challenging issues in drug development and Zyoxel is committed to the development of culture platforms and tissue models that can offer new insights into complex phenomena such as idiosynchratic hepatotoxicity” said Dr Tim Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Zyoxel.

The launch of TissueFlex® represents the culmination of several years of research and development at Zyoxel and in the laboratories of Zhanfeng Cui, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford. Dr David Hughes, Zyoxel’s Head of R&D, says: “TissueFlex® was developed very much with the end user in mind. We wanted to ensure that TissueFlex® was quick to set up and intuitive to use, meaning that more of our clients’ time can be committed to novel research. We are pleased that from today, scientists will be able to more routinely access the benefits of 3D perfused cell culture in their own research.”

About Zyoxel

Zyoxel’s mission is to become global market leaders in the provision of high quality products and services that enhance the efficiency of pharmaceutical R&D through the predictive capacity of three-dimensional (3D) perfused cell culture. Zyoxel’s core technology is TissueFlex®, a cell culture consumable enabling parallel testing of cells grown in a 3D perfused state. TissueFlex® Microbioreactors and hardware systems are now available to clients wishing to develop their own drug safety and efficacy assays and tissue culture solutions. Zyoxel is working with a number of global academic and commercial partners to develop specific tissue models, including human liver tissue constructs, supplied within TissueFlex® for ready-to-use testing applications. Zyoxel was spun out of the University of Oxford in 2009 with investment from Hong Kong multinational CN Innovations Holdings. For more information about Zyoxel and TissueFlex® products, please visit

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Dr Tim Hart
CEO, Zyoxel
Dr Emma Sceats
BD Manager, Zyoxel
T: +44 (0) 7770 470 978


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