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Technical Facilities

As part of the University of Oxford, we can help companies access the facilities and know-how you need to successfully develop your technology. Specialist, cutting-edge facilities across the University can be accessed on a pay-per-use basis, and consultancies with research and technical staff can be brokered. Example facilities across the University include:

Electronics and mechanical design and prototyping

NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry 


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Oxford University Science Park itself hosts research groups from the University Departments of Engineering Science and Materials, with several specialist facilities located on site:

Oxford Materials Characterisation Service (OMCS):

Part of Oxford University’s Department of Materials, OMCS provides specialist services to industry, combining scientific expertise with a modern, well-maintained equipment base. OMCS customers span a wide variety of industry sectors such as energy, automotive, aerospace, electronics, biomedical, structural materials, ecology and forensic science. You can book time on equipment, call on problem-solving skills for help with materials development; and get quick, cost-effective, confidential materials analysis.


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Technical Facilities Omcs Image

Prototyping lab facilities:

Equipped with a range of 3D printers and software to allow you to design, prepare and 3D print, enabling high resolution scale up and production for your needs. The suite includes the following:

  • Form 2:  3D printing (down to 25 μm) from liquid resin to hardened plastic using Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) ™ technology.  Build volume of 14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5cm
  • Ultimaker S5: Dual extrusion 3D printing (down to 20 μm) from a range of plastics/composites. Build volume of 33 x 24 x 30 cm
  • Markforged Onyx:  Carbon fibre 3D printing (100 μm) for Industrial grade parts. Build volume 32 x 13.2 x 15.4 cm

Nano Fabrication Cleanroom:

Providing 150m2 of space, class 10,000 with a suite of equipment, including e-beam evaporator, PECVD, photolithography


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Cleanroom (14)

The Impact Engineering Laboratory:

Carrying out research in the aerospace, automotive and defence industries in areas such as high-velocity impact, crash worthiness and underwater explosion


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The Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory:

Developing advanced materials and scale up processes for manufacturing in bespoke semi-industrial laboratories